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Many parents have been kind enough to offer testimonials as to the effectiveness of my work with them and their child. Examples would be:

“(My son) is doing so good ever since he started coming to the meetings. We actually had a Parent Teacher meeting last week and his teacher is so happy with him. He is one of the best students in reading, he scores 19 our of 20 on most of his tests. He is finally able to focus. Such an amazing change in such short time!” - A Rahway Mom

“Dr. Steve changed our lives. I have seen my son grow and overcome all the issues he once struggled with. He is now such a happy well adjusted kid who has the tools to be successful in all situations both at home and in school. We have seen Dr. Steve as a family every week for the last 3 years. I am proud to say that due to my son's many successes he is now officially “graduating” from Dr. Steve, and tonite will be our last session (I’m a little sad too because we are going to miss seeing him every week) If you are looking for an incredible and effective therapist for your child, please look no further, I highly recommend Dr. Steve. He is like no other therapist I have ever met, and the way he connects with the kids AND the parents is truly the secret his success. His outgoing personality, and unique approach combined with a great sense of humor and a strong compassion for the well being of the kids is apparent from the moment you walk through his doors. HE IS THE BEST!” - Alicia M.

“Very unorthodox (and Dr Steve will tell you so) but it works. After trying years of one on one counseling with no results the power of group therapy was amazing. At first I wasn’t sure as my son only spoke for a few minutes but then realized the power is in hearing other kids issues...overall I’m a big fan and would tell anyone trying Dr Steve to make sure you give it a few weeks as it does work.”

“Dr. Sussman helped my child immensely. His technique is unorthodox, group therapy in the form of a game show where the kids win small prizes for points accumulated; but it works. Dr. Steve uses humor that may not be for the politically correct, unfunny or uptight parents of the world, but for the rest of us, he’s funny. The kids are encouraged to participate; parents speak very little, which is good. It’s behavioral therapy, it doesn’t even seem like a therapy session but Dr. Steve has a way about him that helps the kids help themselves and helps them figure out how to successfully navigate life. I wish I could give him 6 stars!”

“Very patient and has a good sense of humor which helps most kids open up.” - Chava Penzias in Linden NJ

“I wanted to take a moment to offer you my sincere thanks for the services you provided. ___ received her first report card of sixth grade and she received all O's for her behavior (O - Outstanding). I thought at first she might have brought home the wrong report card. I spoke with her teacher and she told me ___ is doing very well and is engaged and attentive in class.”

“I want to thank you for all your help in getting us to this point and to let you know that I have recommended you to a couple of people. I think your approach is better for the younger set, and especially for boys, as it's less about dragging out emotions and more about doing the right thing.”

“Hello Dr. Sussman, it’s ___ I am currently a freshman at The College of New Jersey working towards an undergraduate degree in mathematics. I want to thank you again for pushing me in high school to pursue better grades. I graduated high school with a 3.73 GPA and currently have at 3.75 at TCNJ. I cannot thank you enough for the motivation you gave me.”

“ ___ is really looking forward to coming to your session tonight. He is so thankful for you. Whatever was discussed between the two of you when you spoke with him had a deep impact on him. Thank you so much for that. This kid felt all alone in the world… and it is so heartening to see this.”

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